Minnesota – not the flatland many think it is



Location: Whitewater State Park in Altura, MN

What I Like About This Photo: the colors of both, the matte effect, the roots, the scene, the grittiness of the composition, the sky, and and as always the photojournalistic style.

Many people think of Minnesota as a flat land, but it really isn’t. This picture was even taken in southern Minnesota in a river valley. If you head north, near Canada, the land is far from flat. In all corners of our beautiful state, you will find valleys and bluffs. I’m so thankful to live somewhere that values nature so much and takes great efforts to preserve it. Minnesota State Parks are home to some of the best hiking trails I’ve ever seen and some fine campgrounds as well. Not that I want to encourage you to stay there; that would make the trails and campgrounds busier than they already are.

I edited both photos and like the colors in both. I can’t decide which I like better. The top one has a very old feeling, where the bottom has bolder colors. Which one do you like better? Comment below.

via The Photojournaliste | A website dedicated to capturing the story in every moment through the art of photography..



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